NBA LIVE is a series of competitive games created by NBA players. The earliest version was "NBA1995". As the market demanded, EA released the latest game version of the year. The latest version of the current (2010) is "NBA2010", because of the PC relationship, and the most popular version in China is "NBA2008". On the iPhone platform, EA also launched the corresponding version, but there are a lot of bugs. The feature is that you can unlock the retired star by retiring from the season mode. If you liked this posting and you would like to acquire extra facts relating to NBA Mobile Coins kindly pay a visit to the web site.

The game screen is exquisite and delicate, the star's unique signature action is realistic, the system AI can embody every player's emotions in the game, EA SPORTS will show the "Freestyle Superstars" (Deepstyle Superstars). NBALIVE's advances are attributed to the new motion capture technology used by EASPORTS this season, which helps programmers make virtual players more realistic in appearance and movement. From NBA street basketball to NFL08 and NCAAFOOTBALL08, and now to NBALIVE08, it's clear that this originated in the EAFIFA series, and the improved detail motion capture system should start making money.

The movements of the players will now be more complicated, and there will be no more simple actions from the end. In the end, not only are the players looking better and better, it is undeniable that the early-modeled image bugs will be fixed before the game is released, and the game will provide you with more action choice on the court because of this system. 

"NBA LIVE Mobile" season 2018-2019 has officially opened, synchronized with the new season opened in 2018-2019 new clothes popularity boom! Feel the most authentic NBA League games, experience the most pure 5V5 competitive basketball. "NBA LIVE Mobile" new season with a new way of playing, for the world's players to present the top hand-swimming basketball feast.

The real-time PVP game, which has attracted much attention from the players, finally came online at the beginning of the new season. In the new season's exclusive new clothes, real-time PVP play time is 20:00-22:00 per day, when players reach level 5, they can participate in it. In the real-life PVP competition, players will face new rules to make the real-time PVP confrontation more in line with the real NBA atmosphere, but also increase the difficulty of competition and enhance the confrontation. For example, in the ultimate game mode will not appear: return ball, out-of-bounds ball, serve overtime, etc., will be all in the real-time PVP game. In 150 seconds of real-time confrontation, the rhythm of attack-defense conversion will surpass any previous game. In order to give players a better sense of game experience, the PVP real-time confrontation method adds shooting tips, greatly improves the shooting percentage of players, and is no longer an unreachable dream.

New achievement system, crowning NBA top honor

When the new season starts, the game opens a new achievement system, the past achievements will be emptied, because the new season will have new goals! Of course, achievement awards can also be re-won, this full harvest is a luxury gift. In view of the various honors that players have won in various competitions, they will be shown in the form of achievements in the game in a very detailed way. For example, the lid. The number of times, the number of dunks, the number of aerial relay and so on. In summary, the new achievement system is also a strong motivator to encourage players to strive to improve their operational level. After all, blocking, dunking, air relay and other operational skills require very strong control skills. Looking at the full achievements and honors, and sharing with friends around the game, is there a very proud mentality? Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning kindly go to our site.

Real time synchronous NBA, the latest espionage preemptive possession

In the new season's new clothes, the brand-new game player card surface is waiting for the arrival of the majority of players. "NBA LIVE Mobile" is officially authorized by the NBA, so in the new season, all players'information will be updated synchronously with the NBA, players' information, real-time NBA game report, the most comprehensive consultation. At the same time, online games will update the latest NBA matches synchronously. Players can not only accumulate technical and tactical experience for themselves, but also an important source of player cards, gold coins, experience values and collections by participating in the daily randomly refreshed games.

The auxiliary function is formally launched, and the arena artifact helps players overcome all difficulties.

After entering the new season new clothes, we found that many players'technical style is unusually fierce. Is it difficult for the old players to dominate the new clothes? Careful players must find the secret. In the new season, the game adds a very powerful auxiliary function: the real-time prompt of the stadium. Because after optimizing the actual battlefield scene, there will be dynamic synchronization prompts in the field: for example, X players shoot higher percentage, X players defense weak and so on. This artifact-like prompt will allow players to adjust their tactics in real time, so as to make up for their shortcomings and firmly grasp the weaknesses of their opponents. No wonder that old players are like God's help, because they have such skills and tactics.